happy friggin day

It feels like life has been very topsy turvey. I complained about Adolfo grinding my balls to dust recently, but I also decided I am the cause of some of my own troubles. I’d like to start putting some of the broken elements of my house together… and will.

Between dieting, finding my focus for my own health, and this relationship I feel like it’s just gone out of balance. I work out, but it’s not enough. I try watching my food in take, but I find myself loosing that battle as well.

Today I saw my reflection in a mirror and saw some pics Adolfo took at Christmas time and can;t see from inside how big I have managed to get compared to where I was when I lived in Boston. After leaving Boston I packed it on.

Well, Adolfo has been cool today and he gets so pissed off. I’m no angel, but damn. I was pissed with him the last two days because he was pissed off at me. oi… vicious circle.

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