a few thingies…

I have nothing to say.

How unusual! I can;t type either. So… I am taking a few days off later this week and my dad is coming into souther Nevada for a little trip next weekend. Adolfo and I are going to drive out and see them, have lunch, shop, etc…

I’m keepin busy and the usual schtuff. Been thinking alot about the future and plans and feelings and directions and goals and more stuff in my ADD brain.

1. Terry e-mailed me not long ago about how ‘a person’ can improve their world by making a conscious decision to be more positive about it… like refusing to focus on the negative. It works, but in short bursts. Really, a person has to figure out what will make them happy and figure out IF THAT WILL REALLY make them happy instead of deluding themselves; make a list and make the changes needed to improve ones life no matter how painful they might be in the short run.

2. Moving to the Northwest… I am ready to leave tomorrow. Me and Tom in the truck and gone. I think I need some time on my own from Adolfo and we need to figure out if we really want each other. I love him a lot, but … there is a ‘but’ in there which … well, details are too gruesome to get into. Gruesome? Boring! But basically he and I have issues and if ANYONE reading this is surprised… welcome, you must be new!

3. Quitting my job…. I literally hate my job. I’m not qualified to do anything else but cook. I have no $$$ so I do not have cashoola to do what I actually want to do (see www.blueangelcafe.com).

I’ll write more later… Scott

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