Since my last posting I have received several notes from peeps who checked out my pages… so with great relief I know people are actually stopping by on occasion. You all have not completely forgotten me… 🙁

Alas, I have created of TO DO’s on the chalk board at home that I need to get some results with. Among them are some of my key issues that I have been grousing about for … years. I have this theory that when I take care of my IRS issues that my quality of life problems will increase greatly.

I do not recommend to anyone to allow themselves become indebted to the US Gov’t because they will abuse, rape, and bankrupt you in so many ways as a result. They make loan sharks and mafia look like sweethearts. Plus, just the pressure of having that debt can really ware a person down.

Anyway… I am still looking at trying to improve life instead of grousing about it any further. This year I think I will make positive changes for myself and myself ALONE… well, Tom too.

I’ve asked for help from freinds and family in the past, but no one was willing to help me get going. I beleive that as long as I have this debt I can’t buy a house, own land, have investments… I want these things. I want a life. I want to be happy.

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