todays heavy sigh

This is my third day on my day shift and I think I like it better. It is a little on the boring side, but at least when something needs to get done I can usually achieve it. I have to deal with some people I would rather not see, but they are all not bad. Some of the people I work with are really nice to work with. Some mean nothing to me, while others (a few) make an effort to go up my nose.

I have this new attitude I am trying to consciously put forward: Warm & Fuzzy. At least until I quit here. I am so over this job… but I am so very ‘neich’ as it were. (Spelling not graded please). I can do this job easily enough and I have some good structure. Much better positioned since coming to this shift because people can see HOW I work and how I manage calls/information.

Re: Adolfo: I have been getting upset with him a lot lately and my patience level is pretty thin. Although I know it’s not all his fault, I feel that our relatioship is making some turns and it is very possible that we are starting to head in different directions and needs in life. For a long time I could not pciture growing another day older without him… that vision has changed and I am starting to feel more and more that I need to make a major change in life.

Our two incomes are pretty sweet and make for a comfortable lifestyle, I would say. I’m not sure that’s all of what I need … escpecially my waist line.

One of the things that has me so unhappy in general.. I have to admit this openly… is that since leaving Boston I have gained 50 pounds! What – the – FUCK is that???? We have this tendancy to eat out a lot and even the sihes I make at home are often less than completely healthy. Ugh!!!! absolute frustration….

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