Eore in Las Vegas

I have been hearing lately that I have a tendency to overreact to things? I’ve been getting this meeage from a variety of directions, not all realted to the same source. It may also be an answer to some of the feelings and reactions I have noticed from myself.

Lately, I have been taking small problems and feeling like they were big things and it makes no sense to get that pissed off at little stupid things. I cannot understand myself anymore and am wondering what I can do personally to make those feelings different.

I hate my life as it is today. I am not doing anything that makes me feel good. I hate my job. I hate working for the people I work for. I hate this company. I hate all this… it’s like a giant step backward with no conceivable direction to move forward in.

I want to cook, but I do not want to be a kitchen monkey for no pay. Cooks are lucky to earn 10$ an hour in most kitchens. The hotels pay more, but this is not my calling. IT is what I am doing for my main source of income right now… this Help Desk stuff sucks like hell.

Bitch bitch bitch…. that’s all I ever seem to do anymore. I am so over it… I open my mouth and all this negative shit pours out. Look! I’m being negetive about being negetive. I’m Eore all of a sudden. Ugh!

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