another meaningless rant – such is my life

So… Terry e-mail me the other day and he offers me some advice… offers but not really. He gives it anyway and I take it. He says I am bitching about something I can control by looking at the whole situation differently and making an effort to see the brighter side of the whole thingy. Yeah, he’s right.

I can control where and what I do/go in life if I put some effort behind it. I have 1 specific issue which could make life better for me that for a single reason I keep dragging my feet on which I can resolve if I start working on it. Get passed that and get to the next domino in the chain and things could get pretty smiley in the long road.

This is me being positive. How am I doing so far?

1. resolve a debt with the IRS plaguing me for 10 years
2. resolve one other minor tax debt
3. I want to go back to school
4. I want to leave Las Vegas
5. buy a house
6. open a diner or bed/breakfast

NO ONE HAD TOLD ME WHAT THEY THINK OF THE NEW ART…. I also updated with some updated art here and there. I hope to do more soon! I need to give the whole bloody thing more attention!

News: I have been secretely writing again (no one is reading this are they?) and have written 2x300page books in the last couple months. I like the stories I wrote… I went from an idea and blossumed. When I was ready to finish book 2 I got an idea for a 3rd book with the same characters.

Well, that idea just grew and grew and grew into a long set of plots and sub-plots. I’m happy with it.

I have an idea for a book I have been slowly cooking in my head but have not applied to paper yet. Wonder what will happen with that.

I need a fucking job where I can do nothing but my own little projects through the day. I need to be a millionarie or something????

me me me me me me me

I am babbling again. Incoherant rants that have subjects all over the map… Terry will be displeased. Cathy will shake her head. Gary? Still out there? Allan? hmmm?

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