Nuke the FUCKERS

BBC News has been talking a lot about the war between Isreal and Lebennon and I find it very depressing. It seems to include the “Disaster of Bush” in Iraq as well as the interferences with Syria and Iran. Largely the opinion is that this is sure to become WW3, which seemingly proves predictions of 2000 saying that the President elected that year will bring that war into reality.

Doomsday predictions are the wealth of the Christians, but I am to understand it may well be the call of the Muslim faith as well. Well, from my perspective anyway. Bringing a united Muslim commuity together sounds like doomsday because the faith I am presented with is fanatical and stunted.

Maybe we need WW3 in that region and let the strongest survive. Muslims not only slaughter wrescklessly but they also put their civilians squarely in danger. Yes they might get their united Muslim world, but it might mean only 10% of those assholes will be left.

Now, I know not all Muslims are the same. Not all are gun-wielding fanatics. But there are a lot of examples of the “bad” Muslim.

I have also wondered about G.W. and his deeply faulted logic on policy. Here were trapsed into Iraq because we were under the flase banner of weapons of mass destruction? Yet, here were faced by Iran and North Korea definitely working to produce these elements and we are so tied up in Iraq that we do nothing.

George Bush you suck. Nuke Iran! Nuke Syria! Let the fucking Iraqi’s kill themselves and if AlQueda start gaining power there, fucking nuke them too. Be done with that trash. Korea is a limp dick. We can deal with them after.

More later babies….

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