Sam I am…

I found out today that people are actually still reading this thing. I wondered if anyone was paying attention anymore to the Book Of Uriel. It’s not like I have been giving it much attention or making any major updates. It used to be that I kept this thing maintained a lot. But, I just have been going in so many directions and putting my priorities in all different areas that I even walk crooked.

Sam was supposed to be here today, you can see him on my Top8 on mySpace, and is supposed to be staying for a while. I am looking forward to seeing him again and spending time with him. I think Adolfo will like him a lot and while he’s here I hope to see him getting back on his feet and going in a positive direction for life.

I love him very much. There is something about Sam that gives me support in my spiritual aspects of life…. he is a deeply spiritual being though there are some past issues in his life that I think pulled him away from those core values. When I first me him Sam was just a pisser… piss off as many people as he could. He is still like that, he likes to pull people’s chains and give them a doese of crap with no “mean” intentions behind them.

If he does come over and hang I look forward to his company. I’m SOOO not his type sexually. He likes young guys and boys. Dirty little monkey… check out his mySpace and you’ll see what I mean. That David boy on his mySpace is a little hottie sextoy himself. grrrrowl… but I’m just an old fat fart now. PooH!

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