HIV???? I’m a freak!

I am on occasion a bit of a hypocontriac (sp?). Thanks MOM!

A couple days ago I started getting an ichy throat and I was afraid I got food poisoning at first, but then I started feeling worse and it lasted a couple of days.

Then! I did what I always so when I get sickly. I started thinking it finally happened!!!! I have HIV … ichy throast, allergies, icky feeling… I must be dying. I start considering whether or not to take med, see a doctor, blah blah blah! It’s all HORSESHIT … I have allergies and there is a huge fire burning a few miles out of the city and I have been sucking smoke from it. Ugh! I am so much drama.

HIV???? I have known some excellent people who developed HIV. In the earlier years I think all have passed on. Ron died in 95 I think, a man I loved deeply and we were together a while. Erwin was a friend I met when I worked at Pioneer electronics… going to hid funeral was one of the hardest things I ever did. Eloy grew very bitter when he discovered he had HIV, but I lost touch with him because he got to be a very angry person; he and I sorta dated for a while.

GOOD NEWS is that I have a freind who IS HIV Poz and he is one of the most inspirational, life loving, life challenging people I have ever met. He’s been Poz a long time and if I were to become POZ (God forbid) I would want to walk in his shadow. XO

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