Lake Tahoe

Once again I have managed to ignore and neglect my diary. When I think about the majority of entries on this in recent years they seem to have been the “bitch about Adolfo” or “bitch-bitch-bitch” pages. Doesn;t that just seem kinda negative?

So, this week Adolfo and I drove from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe for my sister’s wedding. This was the best family event I have ever been to. Adolfo and I really had a good time and bonded a lot through this journey. It was awesome seeing the people I saw and I felt so much warmth form all of them.

Pictures will be posted soon. I have a ton of them!

So… in many of the pictures I look like a fat cow bitch from hell. So, as of yesterday I am on a new diet and plan on losing the weight. Mind you, since leaving Boston I gained 40+ pounds and am hating it!

I can lose the weight. I think that a lot of it because of my stress and frustrations in life. I had so much less when I lived in Boston! I have been torchuring Adolfo with the idea of moving out of Vegas again … but I know I have some stuff to do before we go there.

Okay… thanks Gary for the note about me neglecting my diary. It’s true… maybe I just got too comfy biching about schtuff???? xo

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