matt damon? incoherant rant? you decide!

I have been poor in my updates on the diary. My energy has been going in different directions and alll and nothing has been directed in any really positive direction. I am so upsidedown these days that I am still in the same place.

I know it probably does not make sense. It’s late and I am getting ready for bed. Adolfo pooped out 2 hours ago after we watched the Bourne Supremacy. I watched Bourne Ultimatum last week and am obsessed with this sotry line that I am thinking it is time I read the books.

Cool news is that they are making the third movie; Bourne Ultimatum. This is according to Julia Stiles on a recent interview I was watching. I am so thrilled. I have come to terms that Matt will not eventually fall in love with me and support me as his live in lover.

Adolfo is well. We are winging this realtionship every week/ I am never happy and am generally a poop spinning in my own shit. I keep thinking I am going to leave everything (Adolfo, Las vegas, the damn Venetian Hotel) and move to Washington State. It’s just I have no balls anymore. Ugh!

Anyway… this is just a rant because I felt I needed to make an entry before bed tonight. XO

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