I just read the Newsweek article above about Mary Magdaline. As you know, I also recently read the DaVinci Code. As much as I know Dan wrote a great fiction book, there are factors about the whole Mary Magdaline thing that really bother me. It infuriates me that people like St. Peter and homophobe Paul effectively created a church with their own prejudices and disrespect of women. I have to wonder HOW I would feel about Christians and Women if they had accepted Mary as a respected apostle?

I believe whole heartedly there was a cover up and clear prejudice against females in the Christian church because.. well, that was the way of the day. We (humans) have used those same prejucdices over time against anyone we chose… including women, blacks, immagrants and queers… demonizing them.

For personal gain… for that matter! Why pay attention to Irag or the Gas Crisis when we can hate foriegners? – Bushisms

Iam not a person who particulary repsects women as a whole… I am being honest. I don’t think 90% of them belong in business and are capable of conducting business. I have known some really KICK ASS women in my day though… Rosa, Cynthia, and more.

But…. this is a seriously huge wrong on this planet.

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