today is Friday/aka Monday

Today is my Monday at work. Today is a good day. No real drama. Lot’s of good energy floating around… which is good. There is a guy at work I don’t like, but we are not butting heads.

Today I got up and I had Special K Red Berries and a Yogurt for breakfast.

Then I got dressed and went to the gym where I had a good workout. I did my sit-up routine, stairmaster for 30, treadmill for 20… I was soaking wet from sweat after.

I showered and shaved. No small feat because I am now shaving my whole body daily for that smooth, silky look. Feels good unless I knick myself.

Then I went to the tanning salon and microwaved myself for 10 minutes to finish with a warm and toasty glow.

Trotted off to work in the Venetian. Parking is always a bitch here.

Showed up at work and they had pizza here. Cold, old 6 hour past prime pizza that was completely unedible. I would imagine the health department would shit if they saw this.

Anyway, I hear they are supposed to be bringing fresh pizza later on… I’m not touching it. I am fat enough as it is and since I seem to be losing a couple pounds here and there I need any headway I can get.

Adolfo is well. We are okay. We still have big problems but we seem to be surviving them in so far.

I sent my mom her Mother’s Day thingy on Monday and she got it on Wednesday already.

I sent schtuff to my dad and step mom and I have not heard from them.

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