My Hottest Men – Apprentice

I dunno… last night when the Apprentice was on I started thinking about how hot I think certain guys are and how much the current favorites (excluding Matt Damon) look similar. Lee is on the Apprentice on the current show and this week and last week he was filemed without his shirt on… OH HELL YES.

Andy was on 2 seasons ago and he was a cutie. Ya just watch some of these “reality” shows and you can feel like some of these people become a little more personal. I love seeing these guys and watching their antics on Apprentice. I am an addict!

Lee is a great guy, he’s spiritual, smart and charming. In spite of few short comings I think he is red hot.

Now… I hope he’s not bothered by this but Lior is someone I met on mySpace and I find him to be incredibly interesting. He is charming, sweet, and seems to have a good character based on his feedback in the BB I have been frequenting on mySpace.


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