My Sunday Fuck Story

There are days when one sees life twisted a little. Today was a really good day. I got permission from Adolfo to go to a pool party at the Blue Moon Resort and was able to relax and chill out. There were a lot of other fags in this clothing optional, men only resort with video room and sauna.

ha ha ha

The population was largely men in their late thrties and fourties, a second population of twinks, and some much older guys. There was a lot of ‘lookie me’ attitude from the twinks and klingon creepiness from SOME of the older guys. One fat slob tried staring me down and since I’m the toughest bitch in the flock he got no where.

Anyway, there was some fucking and sucking but in the end I sat by myself under the waterfal just looking at some of the people and thought about how different everyone is. I hate that. but, I have to learn to deal with it.

It was a good day for Adolfo and I to spend apart. We still do not know how the rest of the week is going to spin out… so we take this vacation one day at a time.

xo All!

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