I workout pretty regularly at the LVAC on Eastern and 215, thought I used to go to the Karen and Maryland gym. I get good workouts in but if anyone knows me I am always at a serious battle with my weight. I’m a friggin’ chef as well as my job… ya know so food occasionally is a problem.

Anyway!!!! The gym at 215 and Eastern is slowly becoming a friggin’ retirement center for old sagging men in their 80’s walking around naked and … what happen? This gym typically has a lot of the hottest guys you have ever seen? But they are slowly being replaced by chicken skin and shrunken weeners….

LVAC on Karen was so cruisy but the attitude queens started taking over and lately it seems like it is being taken over by some serious wierdos and indigent people!

Could be my funky hours but this gym is driving me a little nuts.

Anyway, I am just venting…

… btw I am looking for a good tanning center. Any recommendations?

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