Life sucking in drive (D)

Life is so up and down… today I am feeling relly down. I get upset about the stupidest things and I let some things effect me to the point of physical and emotions fatigue. These are times when I sart questioning my relationship and my place in the world. I am so over Las Vegas, but I am a slave to the $$ I am making here.

I know I can move on to the world outside LV and make a living and a life. Just, how to get to that point, ya know?

Mom was here again this weekend and between her and Bob it was a panfully bad visit. This is the second visit that went to hell. Last time they were here in mid Feb was to pick up their chairs that they ordered from RC Willey … well they were not in and the whole time they were here they had miserable luck and generally bad expereinces…

This time Bob hit another car while driving with mom and Adolfo in it. They FINALLY got these expensive chairs from RC Willey (who was completely unapologetic) and then on the way home tonight one of the chairs fell out of the car into the freeway and was destroyed. A friggin 700 dollar frickin chair!

I told mom on the phone that she had to laugh or cry and at some point she had to laugh about it. They got home LONG time after they left. Same thing happened last time. They drive a truck that eats gas and that just sucks. She sounded so forlorn when I talked to them in Barstow on the phone.

I finally called her again and 11pm and it was just as they got home. Oh my goodness…

On another note… Adolfo is the moodiest man I have ever known. He is really pissing me off sometimes. I turns me off x10000 when gets bitchey which is 75% of the time. ARGH!!! I got an attitude this morning that still bugs me, he told me he wanted a ride to work. I laughed and dismissed that idea… want a ride to work… GET A FUCKING LISCENCE AND A GOD DAMN CAR YOU PAIN IN THE ASS! You make more money than me, bitch!!!! Fucking A! Get a god damn grip on reality! Oh, can you tell how shit fucking sick I am of this shit!

Have a nice day! xo

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