February Madness!!!!

I get so caught up in shit sometimes that I neglect this diary. I feel lik e nobody is reading it anymore and that I am dumping my words and expressions into nothing… it’s frustrating. I want people to read it… call me stupid… make comments… and relate.

Since the begining of the month I have been doing the same ol thing… work, sleep, gym… blah blah blah.

Things between Adolfo and I have been different with this schedule that has us moving in separate directions. I have been working Overnight 11pm to 7am while he bounces between Day and Swing Shifts. You can see where we might be missing each other in the scheme of things.

Tonight and tomorrow I am wroking a Swing Shift, but most of next week I will be fortunate enough that I am off a few days and really do not have to think about work so much. It will be nice to escape for a while. I find myself squirming and panicing a bit about where I want to be in life right now.

Adolfo and I are facing the end of our lease at the end of March and having to make decisions on…. do we move out and move somewhere in the world… do we do this together? I posed two plans to him in that area… that I move to Seattle this month and he stay behind. Then we use that time to decide if we stay together or not.

The other plan is simpler… we stay here in LV for a few more months and pay more bills. We stay in this apartmet a little longer… the rent has gone up 150.00 … ugh …

This week I got a wild hair up my ass and decided it was time to begin some of our Spring Cleaning. We moved furnture from bedroom to bedroom. Basically we moved the desk out of the Master to the 2nd bedroom and put a nice shelving until into the master… we managed to not set up the television in the bedroom either.

Well, I built this book case for the dining room to go on top of the Sideboard and it looked great before I loaded all the books and brick-a-brack onto it. Now I think it just looks kinda crappy and gaudy. I spent over a 100$ on it and am just crushed that it looks so bad. I took a picture that I will post from home tomorrow.

Anyway, no other real news. I hope everyone is good. I talked to Chippy in NYC for a while today and was thrilled. He’s such a cutie patootie! Talk soon!

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