At work again and am looking forward to getting through Feb successfully. This is going to be a busy month, I think. We are taking a small vacation, Adolfo’s birthday, Mom is visiting again… I was supposed to move to Seattle.
I had thought that I would move to Seattle on/about the 20th and look for a job while up there. I had a prospect, but the guy I was talking to seems to have a very different vision to me than what I did. He is a nice guy and everything, but he does not seem to have any repsect for kitchen people. I thought about talking to him about it, but I expect it would not get very far. He is opening a couple restaurants.
My own enterprise does not seem to be getting any attention. I invested in a posting on a major business funding web site and there has been nothing so far as a result. The ionvestor in Seattle, mentioned in the previous paragraph, went over my model with me and gave it the thumbs down. I understood his reasons why, but it is hard for me to accept honesty. It is HIS feeling, but I can see where someone else would not have the same perception. He told me I did not have a trackk record to go by and he was right. I am ready to lay down some tracks.
Our flu pandemic in the Scott&Adolfo house has finally passed and we both feel healthy again.
I finished “The DaVinci Code” in a matter of days and posted a review through the Angel link above. So I went to try and find the next book I planned on reading and ended up having to order it online through the site. So, I decided to order another, too.
I ordered Uriel’s Machine which sounded intriguing. I’ll write more as I understand it… odd thing to me was that it was in the Occult section at the bookstore.
I also ordered “Angels and Demons” which is another book from Dan Brown author of “The DaVinci Code”.
Oh, I have a my space now, too. Which just proves how bored I can get at work some nights.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll are good. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOOOOOO

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