Complete Mental Breakdown – Coming Soon

I have a flood of things that are on my mind. Since the beginning of this year, I have been thinking about a lot of stuff. It is a concern of mine that life, since I left Boston, has been filled with a lot of turmoil and questions. The thing is that I have been running my life at the end of a rope. Even before I moved to Boston in some areas there have been behaviours that really need to be examined.

It is as if all those things and more are finally catching up with me and kicking me squarely in the balls.

I can hardly put it all together sitting here in the Venetian at the end of my business day wanting to post out on the Diary and descramble it all.

  • Religious Issues
  • Financial Issues with the IRS
  • Feeling upset right now about my Sister who hates me
  • Upset about my career path…
  • … about my life path
  • Doubting myself and my abilities all the time… directionless and angry.
  • Being angry and defensive…
  • Our Lease is up at the end of March… what will we do?

That’s just the surface. These subjects are swirling around my head like a tornado and are depresssing the shit out of me. It is interesting to listen to people talk about depression on t.v. or people talking about their own lives and I just want to smack’em! Between my own issues and that poor people that are suffering from all over the world.

Perspective is an allusive monster. Not just for me… ultimately it seems everyone.

  • Now we are in the Age of Aquarius, the world is going through changes faster than I can keep up, huge changes. I think many American do not even guess???
  • Did you know the poles are shifting. The north pole is moving over Syberia and it is said that soon they will completely shift. We (the US) will be the Southern Hemisphere!?!?!?
  • The Palestinians Hamas is taking leadership in their country and are at a huge cross roads. Will it be Peace or WW3?

There is so much! The world is changing. President Bush is just the happless sock-puppet in the way … I can’t blame him so much for this shit as I can say… these are the times.

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