Traveling: IN Whittier, CA

We are curently traveling and are in Whittier, California. We left Las Vegas on Monday and went to my dad’s place.
My dad (www.[redacted].com) has changed so much over time and yet remains the same. It is as if somehow, over time, we have grown toward each other. I have always loved my family and because of my gay orientation I think it created a barrier between us. He probably would never ask “are you gay?” or anything like that. I dunno… but I love him and his wife.
Then we went to see my mom. She is all excited about a product she wants to sell as the next miracle product. Really, it’s another pyramid scheme packaged nicely. I feel bad for her because she is counting on it to help with their retirement.
Now, we’re here in Whittier (as I mentioned earlier) and I feel like odd-man-out. Most people here are speaking Spanish and I understand only a little of it. I got frustrated last night having been in the middle of a conversation when suddenly everyone revert to Spanish and I was out. They think I should learn Spanish… maybe I could? But, I have tried and languages are not my strong suit… so I get screwed in the end.
I speak German. I can speak it fairly well… but I started learning German when I was a kid. I lived in Germany. Hell, if it were not for that I might not be able to speak it today?????
We are going shopping today. Nothing exciting… IKEA and some other stuff. xo

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