Masons, Knights Templar, and Uriel

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I have been updating the Book (see link to left) with some factual information that I have been able to comb together from some of my resources… mostly on the web so far. It is easier to use those resources so I can link them directly from the web site.

What I am learning is that there are a lot of people who seem to get information mixed up about a single figure. It is also aparent that many people tend to make shit up as they go along because is fills in a hole. There are a lot lot lot of holes in religion. And, it is not healthy that so many people just put their hands over there eyes and pretend to go along with whatever they think is right.

Now, I think I have been guilty of the same thing here and there. Sometimes I have a resource where I might have garnered a fact… then I cannot find the fact/resource anymore. This is why I am trying to keep all my facts more solid than what I have before.

A web site I found called where there is an interesting history, some of which is directly related to the DaVinci Code book that is getting so much attention. Ya know… I have a lot of feeling about Christianity and Catholicism that I occasioanlly rant about … but an organization like this and the Masons make me really concerned.

There are government secret organizations that keep secrets, but when there are other units religious and secular based it makes me worried because they are outside the radar usually. Which means they can get away with some serious shit… even if it means re-writing history and religion.

I will write more in the Book of Uriel…while I will reserve these pages for more invested expressions. My Book of Uriel is going to be a study.


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