Are you happy?

I asked Allan that question this morning and he answered me…yes. Then he went into this whole montage of “…in an idyllic world… blah blah blah”

The fact of the matter is that I am just stale. I am like … I cannot even find a metaphore to fillin this space because I am so… ya know. I get mad at some people that are like THAT and I know I am just getting mad at myself. It is so pathetic….

I know what I want and there is a way to get what I want, but when I get there am I gunna get what I want out of it? Am I going to question myself so much that I sit here in a floundering mess second guessing myself into a frenzy.

Therefore I am getting no where.

You’ve seen I have a great buisness plan that I recently finished that covers my new restaurant. I also have plans for making myself into a business model of my own. I can rival M to a degree… but I got to get there. I feel like I need help! I wonder if I am trying to jump from Step A to Step N to get to Step Z.

What a mess, huh? What a frenzied mess I have become.

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