It has been a busy night, especially for a Sunday, here at the lovely Venetian Hotel and Casino. Usually it is a little more subdued. Anyway, I have not been thinking about much in the form of my usual issues, hangups, or indiscressions!

What concerns me now is the next 6 months. A while back I told everyone I needed to put my head more squarely in the present and stopp focusing on the future so much. It’s just that I want to do a few things to possibly make life more interesting.

So, I am thinking about mu options. Where should I live? Where should I move on to? Although Seattle WAS a very attractive option, so was Astoria, I am thinking more of Chicago, Providence, or Boston!!!!

Boston is a stretch because I also think that it might be a little too much to go there. Too much money, too much history, too much just to live.

Chicago has the advantage of having a lot of family close by. It is also near Canada. But, my exBF Brian is living there and I am not certain if that is a plus or a minus. He’s moved on with his life anyway and seems happy… moving on…

Providence offers some interesting options because it is a growing city in itself. It’s also part of New England and the NE is just a nice place to live.

Well well well what will I do?????

I bought a new jacket last night that I fell in love with when I saw it. I should NOT have bought it, but I did. It was at the Ken Cole store and was made from wool with leather accents on the lapels and pockets (black leather). It is a 3/4 p-coat; looks very elegant and sophisticated. I’ll have a picture taken as soon as I can.

On other news, I have been trying to get back on a running program over the last couple weeks and it is gradually getting better. Maybe you can imagine how hard it is to pick up again after getting so damn lazy. The twist is to run shortly after I drag my ass out of bed. Before eating. Before anything else (except the essential #1 and/or #2). I need new music on my MP3 though!!!!

I want a new Mp3 already! I’ve had this one less than a year and it is already got a broken display… blank screen. I cannot see the display, not that it is important, but it just looks poopie. I do want one of those cellphone/mp3 devices!!!! How cool is that?

You can see my Wish List!

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