I just got to work a little while ago and all is quiet. I am currently working in the IT department of the Venetian Hotel and Casino. I used to be a Pastry Cook here a couple months ago and I enjoyed that work a lot. I was constantly under the gun, while here the gun seems to be over me!

Anyway, today I ran into B from Kenny and Brian as mentioned in a recent entry and he was perfectly cool with me. He was not upset, though I would not blame him if he was. His BF is just as tempered as I am and he understands… so I can say there is more than one me out there. I am not nearly as unique as I would consider myself to be. hmph!

No other news except I am dying to buy a new laptop. My old one died a miserable death a couple years ago and I want another one, BUT this time I want to get an Apple. Yeah, baby. WINDOWS SUCKS.

Ans that’s how it is!

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