My celebrity lunch went off quite well. I made a nice meal for the author Terry Goodkind and his wife, along with a famouse movie director and they enjoyed it a lot. You can see the menu on my cooking site …. it was all finger food. They originally wanted lunch, which is also shown.

I was going to make them a nice lunch featuring pork medallions and stuff. They ended up going for finger foods instead. I made a variety of items including tune profiterols with a dash of bernaise sauce, cherry juice merinated beef with a cherry sauce drizzle, classic bruchetta… on the second platter was rolled procuitto, cotto salami, cheeses and fruit which may sound cliche, but it’s what they wanted. I toasted some pita and setup some water crackers. Oh, I also had a bowl of babganoush decorated with green Iranian pistacios. See below…

This is what is all looked like in the end. I thought it came off nice. I always worry it is too contrived (sp?). BUT, everyone liked it and they all seemed to appreciate. Most of the guests were on an Atkins program so I had to make sure there were selections for both.

Anyway, I was thrilled to do it. I worked the whole day and it came off very successfully.
That eveing I talked to Adolfo on my way home and he wanted sushi, but I was craving a steak very badly. I won, of course, and we went to Claim Jumpers. OH MY GOD was that steak good.
Anyway, fat and fatter… that’s me. I enjoyed the meal. I had a good cocktail. Adolfo and I were in pigs in heaven… yeah baby!
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