I am back at work. I am back doing Swing Shift and feel pretty good about things in general. When I came back from SFO I thought I felt different inside a bit. I felt kinda wierd. It is because the world just seemed so different with a new point of view.

In Las Vegas I sense that people do not like other people. People tend to be focused on themselves and their own priorities. Themselves. In SFO I saw circumstances that would have been completely different HERE (in LV) versus there (in SFO).

It was as if people in SFO respected other person’s opinions more, they respected their space more, their right-to-be more. The same situation with have errupted in anger or rage for no real reason in LV … that is my perception.

It’s not that people in SFO are more enlightened, but a different level what is acceptable is in place. It is acceptable to be abusive to people here. It is acceptable to be pushy. It is acceptable to demand, through hissy fits and piss all over other people.

I also noticed a lot of people do not make eye contact with other people here. It is as if that level of human connection for may people is too intimate. It’s already too great of a threat. It sucks.

At the market yesterday right after I got off the plane I almost crashed carts with this woman. I smiled and said “excuse me” in a nice polite manner and she nodded uncomfortably and avoided looking me in the face.

At work, this guy I see all the time averts his eyes even when talking one – to – one with me. It’s not just me… I see this go on all the time around me.

It just further justifies my desire to move on… I further makes me aware of my own interraction with people. I am no better than all the others. I need to change myself and worry about that alone… the path of life will let me make a lane change when it will.

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