I cannot sleep. I went to bed at 11 and I woke up feeling really wierd about 15 minutes ago. I looked at the clock and I thought it was 2am. So, once I realized what time it was for real… I called Adolfo making sure he was okay.

I am still in SFO. This is my last night. I had dinner with Ken and I drnak too much, which could account for my physical condition. I have a headache and I feel slightly dehydrated. I feel really restless and nervous. I feel upset… but I do not know what about. I dreamed that I parked the car here in the garage and that it was raided… ripped off as it were. Well, I did not drive here.

Mt truck is sitting at the LV airport… but that is not where I dreamed there was a problem.

I have felt alittle off through most of the day. I starte dto think I was catching a cold or something. After lunch with Ken I felt a little light headed and loopy… we hung out through the Castro and it just never went away.

I was a very bad man today… I spent moany on clothes and things that I really should not have. 3 pairs of maonts and a sweater from Macy’s; god I love that store. Oh, a tie pin and socks. Ugh… well, I got 30% off and it was good.

Dinner for 2 cost 240.00 dollars including tip. Oh almost shit… so much for Ken taking me out for Dinner. I saw the bill and I could not let him take the brunt of that bill. I told him we would split it.

I need something to help me sleep. I know I will not sleep… I am not a happy camper. I have had such a nutty fucked up schedule in the last week that my sleep paterns are nuked. I ned therapy… ha ha ha ha

The plan tomorrow is that I will be heading back to LV and a dinner engagement with my man. Yeah us. Unitl then, until I take even one picture on this stupid trip, until I get some sleep tonight, kisses.


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