I am in SFO right now having spent the night last night. It is absolutely LOVELY here right now. I can wear a coat. There is a breeze in the city. The morning fog is still blocking out the sun… I have already walked over to Starbucks for some coffee. I woke up alone this morning… and called Adolfo right away.

I woke him up… he sounded so groggy. I miss my man a lot. As soon as I got here last night I did a little shopping. I hit Virgin Records (right up the street) and bought an older Rammstein CD I wanted. I got Black Eyed Peas. And… the TRAPT cd I have been thinking about. I found a little treat for Adolfo too…

There is a shoe store called Soho Shoes I went in to … to see if there was anything irresistible. Yet, no… lots of resistible stuff. I had gone so far 30+ hours without sleep when I decided to hang at the hotel a bit. I got hungry though and wandered toward the Castro.

While waiting for the electric car, I met this dyke who was so nice. I wish I could remember her name… I am so bad at that… and she and I kibitzed a while and ended up going into the Castro and having a burger at this awesome burger place up there.

We said out goodbyes… I gave her one of my cards… and I went shopping some more. I bought a new cock-ring that is chromed. It looks neat.. haven’t worn it yet. Imagine, they let you try them on in the store????? It fit.

HA HA HA HA HA…. anyway, I will write more when I can.

xo, Scott

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