Night #3 of 5 on Gaveyeard Shift at the Venetian Hotel….

I am more tired tonight than any other night. I had a headache earlier today and I think I still feel the remainder of it… it was because I did not drink coffee until later than usual. I need coffee to survive…. need…. coffee…. must have…. coffee. I had 2 cups at home and then one major sized cup here at work.

I did not work-out again today.. did yesterday… because Adolfo came home early and I feel obligated to give him attention when he does. I do not see much of him. BUT, I need to work out because I feel like a big fat house-plant.

It is my goal to be more upbeat and positive when I can. Here I sit in a job that I am unhappy with and thinking about being more positive. Well, hard times are like penance for a better future, right?

Okay…. no other news…. I will be finished with this graveyard nonsense in two days and then I am running to the airport to dash off to SFO. I feel guilty leaving Adolfo behind, but the odd thing is he does not seem to mind. He was perfectly okay with my trip, even though I told him I was meeting someone he never met before….

I finally broke him… he is like puddy in my hands… yeah right!

When I get into SFO I am going to check into my hotel… nap… go to Virgin records. Have dinner somewhere… check stuff out. Shop a little. I just made a huge payment on my CC from the last trip… but I am going to maintain my sanity and not shop myself to death.

I’ll be staying at the Pickwick Hotel on 5th Street near the Fin Dist off Market if you are in town…. I stayed there a couple years ago and the rooms look they could have been previously owned by a brothel!!!! I am told they redecorated. It is a lovely hotel.


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