I am at work right now… having just discovered that I can write in my blogs. This week I have a really FUCKED UP schedule because I am working grave-yard until the 12th… which is a date I am dashing off to SFO for a couple more days.

I finally told a lot of people that I changed jobs… I left the Pastry Shop at the Venetian to move into their IT department. My concerns now are that this was a huge mistake, but one I had to live through. I am always stressed over my work here and find a lot of people extremely hostile and … well, not nice.

I am still learning the mentality here. I am still trying to fit in… as it were. Erik helped me get this job and I appreciate it… but I really did not really know what I was jumping in to. The environment is not terribly complicated, but you know techno-nerds they think nobody else can understand what it is that they do. Well, this house of cards is not so complicated and I can handle it just fine.

The question then is… am I happy? I am so miserable that I cannot tell you. I was complacent before… but now… I am just standing here with a mouth full of crow feathers and my index finger is strumming my lower lip in dismay.

I am so unhappy. Not to grouse too much, but I am always certain there are brighter paths ahead. The shining light in this I have been slepping a lot…. but I have not been working out either. I will be back in the gym tomorrow for sure!

I have slept this week as much as I could. The funny thing is that I feel very good from it. It is as if I am making up a lifetime of sleep deprevation. My brain feels different. I feel pieces working that don’t always do.

He he he…. oh well. You know I am a little nuts anyway.

I am off to SFO for a couple days to see a buddy Chef guy whom you can see in my Bale’ pics. Ken is a sweetie and I am happy to see him again since 2002.

I will try and write more….

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