I have been working a lot and going to the gym a lot again… but I make money and get fatter. I took some pictures because I am going to do some more work on the secret part of this site. I realized how chubby I have gotten, especially in my face.

This has been such a battle this year and I feel like I am fighting myself more than anything. Some times I wonder if Adolfo is to blame, but I am the only one repsonsible for my issues. Ugh! If I could only be more frank here….

You thought I out too much on this site??? I could be putting a hell of a lot more. Trouble is I know only a therapist could help.

Basically I am saying I am a little screwed up. Only a little… right Brian? But, I have some sane anchors in the storm…. Gary? I am also saying only I can walk that path.

BTW… i am a little tired so I am rambling a bit. I was in bed, but my brain would not turn off so I had to get up and try and burn out some of these thoughts that would not turn off. Yesterday was a tough day at work that turned into a 12 hour shift. Today I picked Adolfo up form work and he was acting like a possesed demon bitch from hell and went to bed without telling me hours ago. He thinks I am mad at him and I was not… but I was after he gave me shit about it. Ya know what I figured out about him???? I figured out when he is in a bad mood or on-the-rag he is not happy until everyone around him is pissed or miserable… then he miraculously is pleasant again. What the fuck is that about?!?!?!?!?!?

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