Another week has shot by and here I sit with a load of stuff on my brain. First of all, I updated a the gallery section of the site with some of the pics from SFO. I also added some pics from my presentations at the Venentian.

Adolfo and I made a trip to L.A. Friday night to go to his sister’s birthday, which was on Saturday. Well, the party was beautiful and it was so nice seeing so much of his family, that we decided to come home right after. We got on the road at 11:30 at night and hit Vegas about 3:30 am. Oh my God was it dangerous driving back. I am certain my eyes closed 3 times.

That probably won’t happen again. Ugh…

This promises to be a busy week. My schedule this week is going to be Tuesday to Saturday on the day shift so I am looking forward to Saturday afternoon… no plans as of yet.

Recently I heard from Kaidy from L.A. who came and stayed a couple days. I wanted to call Ed while I was near Long Beach, but it would have been impossible to meet up with him. Same with Jeffy-Jeff.

Oh well… I hope all are well. Someone let me know they are reading these. Add comments!!!!!!

xo Scott

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