Well, since the last mail I heard from about 10% of the pipples I sent mail to… buttheads! Where is my Uncy Ed? Dave/Chris? Mark/Sebby? Nancy? Ugh! Where did my family go?

Well, we were also expecting to see Adolfo’s sister, neice, nephew and some other characters tonight, but Lucia got sick and ended up staying home. Pooooooor baby. We were looking forward to the visit.

I passed my test!!!! I passed the hardware portion of my A+ MicroSoft test and I am a happy camper. I do wish I could have done better. My score was just above passing and I think I should have taken it sooner.

What else? Well, uhm, well, ah, well… I guess that’s it for now. I need to get my skanky ass to bed. Nighty night!

xo… from me

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