I have not heard from anyone since I posted the pics from Universal Studios. This week is a little nutty because Ih ave a final exam to complete and my A+ certification for hardware tomorrow. UGH! This exam promises to be very very difficult.

Anyway… I am stressing over that and other things. Adolfo and I are saving money for the beginning of the year. We do not know where we will be?

  • Seattle? I have been wanting to move to Seattle for two years because of the culture and people up there. I think this will be a good place to live and settle.
  • Portland? I imagine it is much like Seattle. I hear itis getting expensive to live there, but what the hell does that mean? Boston was expensive to live… bring it on!
  • Manchester? Hmmm… sounds nice huh? Skiing in the winter! Oh my…
  • Chicago? I know a lot of people there and my family lives close by? Hmmm…
  • Boston Again? I miss Boston… but living there IS a challenge… I wonder if I could do it again?

That is the order of places I am thinking of moving to. Imagine that, huh??? What do you think?


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