I have been really stressing out a lot lately. I find myself brimming with anger at the slightest slightest trespass from other people around me. Some people at work have really gotten up my nose and I thought long and hard on the way home about using that employee support system that a lot of work places have. I am so frustrated an angry about my life right now… I know that where, what, how I am doing is a place I should not be in.

It feels like that somewhere along the way I made a wrong turn and since then I have been paying a price of frustration. I love Adolfo and I do not think it is wrong. It is a happy happen-stance of the situation. Maybe it all goes wrong JUST coming to Las Vegas?

Maybe that will change soon. My horoscope yesterday through MSN struck me oddly. It said I was so busy working in one direction that I was missing “all the fun”. I took it as if I was missing something better…

I’ve been blaming Allan but I cannot blame him alone. I really jumped on the bandwagon heartily and look where I ended up? I got my degree. I got Adolfo. I got a new look at where I could go with it all? I also gained 30+ pounds of FAT. ugh…

I’ll be updating my Holiday Page, too. (Hey, if that link does not work use the “wish list” link up above.

Anyway, I am working on making plans for 2005. 🙂

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