What can I say? It’s been a couple days since my last entry. In that time, Bush becamse President fro the 2nd time and I went on a quickie vcation with Adolfo.

Bush won… again. I was depressed at first, but I thought about ‘why’ he won. It appears this country is headed on a new conservative trend that brought Carrie Nation into the light. We had the 70’s and the 80’s in pure debauchery… okay, my time lines are a little skewed, but the twist is the same.

We had prodestants then the wild west. We had Carrie Nation and then the roaring twenties. We had the fifties retro-glam and high hair, then we had the sixties. Well, this sexual seventies and twisted closing to the 20th Century… now we have a new conservatism.

Now, I have a theory G.W. will be a linch pin in a new future for the USA. I recall Constantine who used Christianity to make a new utopia and ultimately destroyed the power of Rome. So, I fear he will do much the same for this country.

Maybe that is an “over-the-top” metaphore? But, I fear that it is more close to reality than you know. He will change the world, but in a way that will take this country out of being the superpower we are today.

On a lighter note.

Vacation P2 was really great. Adolfo and I left Nov 2nd at 7 am and flew into L.A… went to Universal Studios before it was open. Had breakfast at AWESOME PLACE called Saddleback something… a SUPER SEXY WAITER named Preston was our server. Yum.

Universal Studios is a dinosaur. There was one attraction called Van Helsing’s Castle and it was as tired as those corner fun-houses… I mean it was as chessey as it gets and that was symbollic of MOST of the park.

The BACK TO THE FUTURE ride is one of those motion rides. Ultra-Cheezy!

The best parts were the Mummy Ride, Jurassic Park and a display of the I Love Lucy memorablia. The Mummy Ride was sooooo short. I was stunend it ended as fast as it did.

I sound like I am bitching and bitching and bitching. I was disapointed at the park and the really shoddy, cheezy, unkept, unexplored oppurtunity there. Iwas thrilled with the Bourne Identity display which I humped… see the gallery… ha ha ha.


I did not get a hotel before we went. I thought, in my tiny brain, that we might go to Hollywood Spa and sleep there… get a little action… whatever. I was way too tired for that crap and Adolfo would not go for it. So, we had a taxi driver take us to a mediim priced place. Holiday Inn was the answer… it worked out just fine.

We talked a lot. Both of us feel like we are drifting away from each other. I am wondering about where we will be at the end of the year both in business and living…. I keep looking to Seattle. There were tears. There was anger. We got back on track…

Then we had amazing sex in the morning…. Scott

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