Tomorrow we are getting on a plane for L.A. and escaping town for a little while. I am glad to get away, but we are at each other’s throats a little. We are bitching at each other a lot… we are not used to being around each other so much again. We are struggling a bit again, but otherwise things ARE okay.

I hope tomorrow goes well as we will be away from the usual space. We are going to fly in and then go to Universal Studios for the night. The plan is to fly in, take the train up, then have fun for the day. I do not know if there will be a place to nap… but GOD I think I will need it. We have to leave home by 5 a.m.. Oi Vay!

Today is also my mom’s birthday. We sent some flowers as pretty much usual. I think we did not do it last year… which I think she thinks we think we blew her off. I felt bad about it, but last year we were suffering financially.

We are slo worried about Adolfo’s mom. She left for El Salvadore for some medical treatment fro her kidneys. We’re both a little emotional and he is worried a lot about her.

Adolfo is more connected to his family more than I realized for a while. There is a lot of love between them and I think it is sweet.

Okay, I am outtie.

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