I should be in bed…. instead I have drama here. This is the e-mail I sent to my apartment manager:

Tonight I called security about a problem with Donald’s dog… I believe that is

his name. He lived in the apartment directly across from mine in the


building. I wrote a complaint about them previously; not picking

up their dog


Anyway, they must have left for a while

today as their dog

was left unattended on the balcony. I saw it had managed

to climb over and was

suspended by the neck from a leach that was tied off

under the closet door. I

got the animal back on the balcony, saw it had

water, then walked away only to

hear a crash and it was suspended


I called security at that

time asking if they had a

contingency for the situation. A young man came over

and took my

information, tried to flush anyone out of the apartment (no

success)… so

it was presented to me that I could take it or they would have to

call the


I offered to take him in. He was so hungry he


my dog’s food. Then crapped twice and pissed all over my living room. I


trying to be a good guy, but could not host the animal. I put it in a safer

place at their front door with food and water. I also left it with a bone to

chew on.

I called Mike at the security desk again informing him

what I had done. Two hours later and my neighbors have not arrived home. Al


check on the animal when he gets home in a couple hours.

I do not

know what you can do, but it is obvious to me these

people do not know how to

care for a dog. It was as if the animal was

trained to pee and poop in-doors

instead of out. It’s a good puppy, but

needs more training then I can handle

right now.

Thank you for

your time.

Is this sick or what? Ugh, fucking bitches across the way… a couple of scraggle snarl tooth queer bitches all hop’d up on crank I am sure!

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