MSN Astrological Forcast:

“Your normal pace, slow and steady, usually wins the race, dear Capricorn,

but today you might need to take some short cuts. Feel free to jump on

opportunities that seem to crop up out of nowhere. However, don’t feel like you

need to commit to anything at this time. Take your chances and see where lady

luck takes you. There is an adventuresome spirit in the air that is urging you

to take an unexpected gamble.”

Isn’t that cute… I was looking at some of my Astrological stuff and I just kinda shutter. I believe in a lof of that stuff… often to my demise with SOOOOOO many charlatans out there. Anyway, they say to be exact you need the birthdate and the time of birth… which I keep secret. Why? It is also said if you give someone your date/time someone has power over you…

Don’t ask me WHO they are…

Linda Goodman at says:

“You got through July, your toughest month. Rest assured that August will be

better and September will be the best month of all. In fact, it could become

your very favorite month of the year. Every day, in every way, things are

getting better for you.”

Yeah, well, we’ll see. Anyway. I need to get going as it is getting late and I am slowly melting. The goals project has wained this week a bit… I come home from work exhausted.

I need shock-therapy.

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