Well, the new goals are still coming together. I have been acting each day in a manor to achieve those goals, so I cannot say I have been sitting back on my lorals (sp?). Everyday so far I have achieved at least one thing.

This latest moon brought a spirit of change… I feel it all around me. I feel things happening and energies changing. They are like wheels in a clock, delibertately moving sequentially, methodically, in timing of the previous event… do you see it augers?

I will define and publish these things soon as soon as I have some time to focus on the web site… other than this diary anyway. The goals page will be taking shape again!

On other news… I have been watching Big Brother and Amazing Race closely.

Big Brother: Jase has got to go! Natalie is in the house! I am very happy with the show… I am an addict. I admit it. Scott is gone from the show. We have a few more to get rid of. My bet, Adria will win.

Amazing Race: Don’t you hate Sharla and Mirna!?!?!?! Isn’t the blonde model boy hot… annoying though. Fucking Christian idiot that he is. All the old people are bounced from the show now… ugh.

Anyway… I am working on stuff honeys… smoochie.

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