At this point I am thinking wayyyyyy too much. I just took Tom for a walk and I thought about things Brian was telling me last night. He told me how he took his dog for a walk and it was as if it was the perfect moment. This was while he was telling me how I need to live in the moment instead of the other…

I know I count on the future. I counted on a couple psychics who read my future through their cards and I was crunched under that one… remember the psychic in the Village, Brian? Well, let’s say I have serious doubts when it comes to those characters.

Anyway, while I was walking Tom there was a full moon in the south east eclipsed by thick gray clouds. Diana has not been friendly to me in my life, so I treaded carefully as I looked on the magnificent beauty of the moon. The clouds matched my thoughts.

In the northeast there was a fierce storm moving through. Lightening flashes lit up the sky brilliantly, thunder rumbled and got further away with each blast, and the clouds were thick, white and angry.

It was like yin and yang were in the sky arguing about the fate of mankind. It was awesome. I watched letting my anxieties rumble on like the thunder, but the thunder in my head was only getting louder. So, I stopped fixating… for now.

What does it mean to live for the moment? How do I stay inside and how do I stay in the present? How do I stop thinking about the future with every action and reaction. How do I stop the storm?

Sound dramatic? It’s not. No need to worry right now… but I need to find answers.

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