Project GOALS is underway. My brain is working, I have already started taking some action. I am learning to focus and take some shape on what I need to do, where I need to be, and where I need to go.

I have a couple of past debts to fix. One of which will be taken care of tomorrow. The other is a larger beast that I need to tackle: the IRS. ugh!

So, the goals that are posted now in the “about” section are already changing as a result. I am looking around and evaluating. I am going to put more emphasis on my IT experience. Today I enrolled in classes for my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. I have about 18 months of school ahead of me, but I hope it will put me into a career field again that I found challenging.

I am challenged with my cooking, but I am getting so discouraged with it. I want to cook more for people, but this deal with cooking has not panned out as much as I would like. When I originally went into cooking and getting a Culinary Degree it was for a purpose: to open a restaurant. Maybe that will still happen, but if fate is not interested in granting me that, I need to possibly tak another route.

The auger thing again, people. I feel like I have signs all around me telling me I did the wrong thing. Big signs… little signs… etcetras. So, Keith, this is one of the things I was talking about on the phone earlier today.

Oh, Keith, your sister gave me 3 Halibut Fillets from your freezer.

Anyway, a goal I have decided to reach for is buying a house within a year! In Las Vegas – hell, fucking, no way! I hate this place. Las Vegas completely sucks and NO ONE should come here. Okay, that was an exaggeration… truth is that this is a hard place to live because 93.5% of the people are REALLY REALLY screwed up.

AND, I found a store called the Great Indoors. I am in love with this store and found appliances I have to have. The appliances combined with a kitchen I saw at IKEA will make my life complete.


Anyway, Adolfo freaked out on me again tonight. I am getting very tired of it. I am giving him until December… to get a grip. He freaked because he found out I helped a friend shave his head… his head… on his shoulders. Not his ass! Not his cock! Nothing below the shoulders… ugh! He makes me guilty for wanting friends!

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