I just molested Adolfo in the shower. He was being a bitch for a while because he was mad at me for something stupid… then while he was showering, I climbed in nek-ed and we talked… then I attacked. ha ha ha!

Monday, this observed holiday, we cleaned up the apartment a little and got it into shape. I worked here in the office mostly while Adolfo took the bedroom and master closet.

Anyway, I just got e-mail from Ian about logging in for the comments. You have to login requires an e-mail address… I believe how it works. I have to set people up to comment using a permissions screen on Blogger.Com

UPDATE: I just went to see about the login and you need to register. IF you decide to setup a Blog of your own send me the link!!!!!

We are picking up some freinds from the airport in an hour…

Adolfo and I have a house guest for a few days. She will be staying hewre with her dog while we are on vacation. She has a messed up drunken cow for a roommate whe is getting ready to expel.

It is also my sister’s birthday today. We have not really spoken in about 15 to 20 years of or so… Happy Birthday Lynn… whatever.


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