We are now home from vacation and the pictures are posted in the gallery. It was a good time away… it was good being together. It was not without it’s moments.

We left on the 7th for San Diego and arrived 6 hours later. The drive was long and tedious. The hotel was nice enough, but I must think hotels should be something different. Room service was good … we ordered late night snacks … lots of breeders around.

The 8th we went to Sea World and got a good deal. For 57$ we got two days in the park and a tour for the behind the scenes junk. The tour was lame and we did not go back a second day… BUT we had a lot of fun and posted a lot of pictures testifying to that.

Day 3 (9th) we took a trolley tour and basically shopped our heads off. We bought so much junk… oh my god. But cool junk.

Day 4 was the transisiton to Disney from San Diego. I wanted to go to Mexico, but it just did not fit in to the equasion.

Disney was a whole universe for me, but as we were checking in Adolfo tells me how much he hates Disney… how he despises Disney… oh my god I got pissed. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at him pissing all over me right in the middle of the lobby! I would have got in the truck right then if it were not 600 that I already spent on the room. Needless to say the rest of the evening was mostly shit. We were not communicating for the most part. It was hell.

You can see on the day4 pics from the gallery that I was not happy. The Autopia shot was the best sign of that. Funny enough, we did a lot of stuff and had fun… but it was a strained night.

The next day went do well! Our second night at Dusney allowed us to do a lot. we closed the park both nights exhausted and realizing we had a lot of fun!

Alas we had to come home… (frown)… and we did. BUT, I saw an IKEA along the side of the road and did an Asian-Lane-Change to get off the freeway and we shopped some more. You should have been there.

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