Nothing happening veery much. I am anticipating the vacation coming up in just over a week. We will be leaving Tom behind and are trying to get several babysitters over to take care of him so that he has plenty of activities and pals to play with. Only people we can trust, mind you.

The good news is that it is coming up and I am anxious. All I can think about is our stay in Anaheim and being at the Disneyland Hotel!!!!! I got an e-mail from Sam who said he wants to meet up… I worry about that man.

I talked to Allan a while today… he is in therapy (wayyyyyyyyyy over due) and may become a whole human being one day. Less toxic… ha ha ha. I have all the answers to his problems, but does he ever listen to me…. NO.

He lost almost 100#’s which I think is awesome. He used to have a lot of money, but he shit all that away. Now he is learning to live with limits and refuses to let anyone else see his reality… in other words he wants people to think he has a lot of money. So, he has some cling-on friends who are always leaching on to him looking for money. He moans about it, but the sad truth of it is that the big-dork puts it out there and want to help people… offers… then is limited but what he can do. He sympathizes and empathizes and then ends up feeling like shit because reality bitch-smacks those rose colored glasses right off her face.

Allan is going to read this a moan about it. He and you can add comments now if this system is working correctly. See the “Add Comments” notation attached to the posting.

If you people make sucky comments I’ll delete them. Creative and COHERANT repsonses please… even with typo’s like mine.

In testing this feature I decided to invite certain people to comment including my most frequent visitors: Allan, Gary, Sam, Terry/Kathy and Ian. This new system is a little confusing, but I thik I got it right this time. If you want to post and can’t send me an e-mail

Oh, and the man whom I would make sweet lovin’ to on any day if he were in in Vegas has a blog that I will try and add a permanant link to… My Lover Ian

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