Okay, I have not written here in a while. It was most clear when I called and talked to the lovely Kathy today in Visalia. She said her a home-boy Terry read my news and I thought to myself…. “self, you have not written anything in a while”.

We are going on Vacation!!!!!! We will be in San Diego for 3 days before heading into Anaheim for 2 days. I get to milk some airline miles on this one… I got better deals on United.Com than on Traveocity.com … fuckers.

I booked all the hotel reservations today and boy is my bank card tired. Adolfo will SHIT when / IF I tell him how much I spent… let’s just say I am going to let my bank account heal. We can ONLY afford this ONLY because we have been very fortunate this month. God, I am so grateful!!!!!!

So, I am pleased to have made a fewe updates on the site today including recent pictures taken. Three events are featured… Terry’s birthday, our house warming party, and finally the graduation ceramony at the MGM. Check out the gallery for all that crap.

NEWS! I am most of the way through “Judgement of Ceasar” which is the latest from Steven Saylor. Hardback went on sale 6/1 and I had it pre-ordered through Amazon.Com and started it a couple nights ago… It’s so good!

Allan… you are a drama queen. Had to throw a plug at her… I mean him.

Terry, I have not heard from you in a while. I called and left a message on your cell today.

Kieth: FAG

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