Maybe I was a little rough on Ron Reagan… but he’s dead and finally stopped disrupting my television viewing. Now, Ray Charles is dead and I feel sad he’s dead. It always comes in 3’s, so who is next?

Anyway, Adolfo and I have recently hooked up with a couple guys who are turning out to be kinda cool. They stopped by tonight and brought us a set of wine glasses with a card…

See, one of them dropped and broke a red wine glass partially full and left a new mark on our wall. Thank goodness we have a spot of paint to fix it.

Allan is loosing his mind.. I think I opened Pandora’s Box when I called him TOXIC in a previous posting (see last month). He argued with me over all my points… made here in the diary and in e-mail. He will not let me post his e-mail… so I cannot share his wizzzzdom. ha ha ha

What else is new? I am looking for a vacation for us next month.

Gary, Terry, and Sam… say hi!

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