Monday is the one day off I get with Adolfo. We often spend at least half of the day running errands, shopping or whatever else needs to be done. This also includes going to the movies. Today was errands!

When we woke up this morning and Tom was shaking his head as if he had something stuck in his ear. So, we took him to the doctor to be checked. As soon as we got in the car he stopped shaking his head, but the dinga-ling needed his shots so we stayed there 2 hours until he could be seen and juiced up for his immunizations.

We ran all over kingdom-come and now I am looking at the end of the day already so early. We took a nap (like a couple of old women) and I am waiting for him to wake his sorry ass up.

I have not heard from anyone on the comments thing I set up???? Wondered if it worked. Scott

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