I have a three day weekend starting Monday, boy am I thrilled! It’s been a good one at that… and Adolfo and I have been very happy through it. I guess so much so that he finally cracked today. Ugh! He got very moody this afternoon and that took 2 hours to pass. THEN he got all bitchy tonight after we left a freindfs house. So, in the last hour we have not spoken and he has ben in the bedroom the whole time. Ugh!

Friend Kieth (mentioned often previously) got a job offer today up in Alaska and will be leaving tomorrow!!!! Holy crap! He applied for the job yesterday, was hired on the phone today, and is leaving for Alaska tomorrow! He will eb head chef at some resort up there… holy crap! This is big for him! I wished him a lot of luck today….

So, I am thinking about reviving a club. “Friends of the Friendless”… ha ha ha… remember that from I Love Lucy … see, on Lusy’s birthday she thought Ricky, Ethel, and Fred had forgotten her birthday and she wanted to confront Ricky. Some homeless group met up with her in the park called “Friends of the Friendless” and recruited her and they marched into the Tropicana just as they were ready to shout surprise for her surprise birthday party…. well, you get it.

Allan and I have not spken in a week… although he wrote me again today about talking again…. as mentioned previously Adolfo is mad at me. Tom is in the bedroon too… I am lonely!

I read Bon Appetite today and saw an artice on Liquors (sp) and bought one of them today. I got Envy (I think) and it was sooooooooooooo good. I also bought these cute little aparatif glasses and had myself a little drinky…

ONE! I am not drunk. I am hot in the God-Forsaken state and dying from the heat that is already settling in. I am jumping from subject to subject because these are the things I am thinking about right now. So there… stay focused!

I saw “Day After Tomorrow” and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo good. Go see it right now!

Harry Potter is out in a few days!!! YEAH! There are some good movies starting….

OH! Steven Saylor has a new book coming out June 1st and I pre-ordered it! He is FAB-U-LOUS! I have read his series since the beginning with Gordianus in ancient Rome!

I need to get to bed soon! Good night tigers!

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